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Being covered legally all the time is a blessing for an individual, firm, company or groups. This legal cover is called retainer-ship where a mutual understanding and agreement is made between SS Legal Consultants and you. 

This retainer-ship goes as long as the parties require and by this way, the legally covered party enjoys free consultation from our senior partners and a dedicated resource for their day to day consultation in all kind of legal matters. Legal retainer-ship varies depending on the scope of work which is required by the clients. Retainer-ships have been marked as a beneficial agreement for clients because you pay a fix amount to us and legal consultation is provided in its entirety. Retainer-ship includes legal advice, legal opinions, replies of legal notices and review of legal documents etc. However, all those works that are not in the scope of work, shall be charged on mutually agreed terms.

We have a privilege for our clients by which you can avail our retainer services by just sitting at home and one of our associates shall visit you for signing the agreement in case you are unable to visit or send original signed documents.

Our retainer-ship clients can get connected on telephone, e-mails and client information system of our firm.

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