Trademark and Copyright Law in Pakistan

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As SS Legal Consultant and specialized trademark and copyright lawyers, we want to aware our clients why it is important. The general reason for trademark law is to forestall out of line rivalry by securing the utilization of an image, word, logo, motto, structure, space name, and so forth that extraordinarily distinguishes the products or administrations of a company. This collection of custom-based law standards at last safeguards buyers by disallowing organizations from utilizing trademarks significantly like those of different organizations that may have more “brand value” and client dedication. Trademark law is planned to stay away from customer disarray and keeping organizations from weakening the characteristics of different firms. Weakening happens when a comparative imprint defiantly influences the ill repute of a particular trademark notwithstanding in the event that it prompts customer disarray or not.

Given the expanded significance of marking and the unmistakable monetary estimation of the (brand value) in the present experience economy, trademark law is a higher priority than any time in recent times.

In Pakistan these are governed by Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan Act 2012. At SS Legal Consultants, we advise our clients all legal and safe ways to protect themselves from defamation or bad name.